A park full of surprises

Did you know you can visit a surreal ancient cavern that’s over 300,000 years old? Hato Caves is the place, and the grounds to and mazes have been beautifully equipped to host the public safely with enlightening guided tours suitable for all ages. Marvel at the stalagmites and stalactites in a magical labyrinth showcasing Mothers Nature’s artistic side at its best. Meet a colony of rare bats and become enchanted by a secret pool. Outside, walk the indian trail that retraces the paths of the Arowaks, the island’s original peoples who left their own artwork behind 1,500 years ago. Then enjoy the Cactus Garden to learn about Curacao’s flora and encounter indigenous animals. It’s a ideal way to spend half a day.

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Indian Trail

In combination with your visit to the Curacao Hato Cave, you can enjoy a self-guided walk along the Indian Trail. This 20-minute WALK/HIKE will get you acquainted with the typical vegetation of Curacao. Also you will be able to see the Indian carvings done by the Caiquetio Indians more than 1500 years ago! These carvings have only been found in this area of the Caribbean and in certain areas along the South American Orinoco river, where this tribe originally came from. The Indian Trail IS PAVED SO THAT MAKES IT wheelchair friendly.
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Cactus Garden

If there’s one word that describes Curaçao’s most common plant, it’s the Cactus. Curacao hosts many of species and the most indigenous cacti of our beautiful island can be admired in our cactus garden. If you live here come and refresh your knowledge and see what the difference is between a Datu and a Cadushi or between an Infrou and Tuna.
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Animals in the Park

Within the caves and in the part, an enchanting array of wildlife finds sanctuary amidst the ancient limestone formations. This natural wonderland hosts a diverse community of bats, iguanas, birds, tortoise and wild rabbits. It’s a captivating experience, witnessing the harmonious coexistence of these remarkable animals within the historical embrace of Hato Caves.
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Home made "Table Games"

During the lockdown of the Covid,our team kept coming together in small permitted groups to take care of the park its flora and fauna. Here the idea was born to create something nice for you our guest for when the park could open again, this is where the creativity came out and we designed and painted our own game tables . The fun part is that you are the Rule maker of your game table! Wanna have fun ask for the box with dice and stones at the Bar.

Stories about Geography, Nature & History

Hato Caves Curacao, a testament to the island’s geological history, stands as a majestic testament to nature’s sculpting prowess. Carved over centuries by the rhythmic dance of water upon limestone, these caverns form a mesmerizing labyrinth of stalactites and stalagmites, casting ethereal shadows amidst their ancient embrace. Nature’s artistry adorns every inch of these cavern walls, painted in hues of earthy tones, offering a canvas that tells the story of time itself.


Beyond the captivating formations, an ecosystem thrives within these rocky walls. As visitors venture through this subterranean world, they are enveloped by an otherworldly tranquility, reminded at every turn of the intricate harmony between nature’s raw beauty and the historical legacy etched within Hato Caves Curacao.

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