Welcome to the Curacao Hato Cave

The Curacao Hato Cave is located on the north side of the island and only 4 minutes driving or 12 minutes walking from the Curacao International Airport.

The Hato Cave, being more than 300.000 years old, is the biggest and most prominent cave on the island. Since 1991 the Hato Cave was officially open to the public after undergoing an intensive upgrading by the Government of Curacao to make it accessible by foot. Nowadays, the Curacao Hato Cave can be considered the most beautiful and public-friendly cave of the island.

Curacao is formed in layers going up in height, which are called ‘terraces’. While most caves are to be found in the second terrace, the Hato Cave is uniquely found in the third terrace of the island. So in order to reach the entrance of this unique upstairs limestone cave, you’ll have to walk up 49 steps. This may sound like a lot, but it’s actually quite doable! And once upstairs you are rewarded with a beautiful panoramic view of the area and a nice cool breeze.

Once inside the cave, it’s easy walking on a smooth paved path, fully illuminated, with limited steps. The steps and pathways are lined with handrails for extra support and safety. The cave consist of marine coral limestone, which accumulated over millions of years and after sea levels had dropped were exposed to atmospheric corrosion and karst processes.

The Park

After a visit to the Hato Caves, enjoy the park! Visit our cactus garden, or walk the Indian Trail where you can get acquainted with Curacao’s flora and fauna and see the Indian petroglyphs in the rocks, estimated at least 1500 years old. The park and the trail are both easily accessible for adults, kids and even wheelchairs, since the path is nicely paved.

Entrance Fee:

Tourist Adult    Ang.17,50 / $10,=         Tourist Child (4-12)     Ang.14,=  / $8,= 

Local Adult       Ang.12,25                         Local Child (4-12)       Ang. 8,75

Experience the beauty of Curacao’s nature, history and culture!
See you soon at the Curacao Hato Cave!