When in Curacao, a must do of course, is to explore the Curacao Hato Cave! If you are new to the island, you may wonder where we are located and how you can reach us. So we’ve put together a list of options to help you find your way:

On the Cruise Ship:

You can buy an all-inclusive package at the Tour Desk of your cruise ship. Most organized island-tours include transportation, a guide, entrance fees, and a visit to the Hato Cave! For more information, we recommend you visit the Tour Desk on your cruise ship.

At the Mega Pier:

Upon arrival at the Mega Pier, you have the opportunity to grab a taxi, book a tour with a local Tour Operator or make your own way by public transportation.

  • Taxi: A certified taxi driver will gladly take you to the Hato Cave. Many also offer a custom-made private island tour, including a visit to the Hato Cave, so don’t be shy to ask. Please note, when choosing this option the entrance fee to the Hato Cave is not included.
  • Tour Operators: At the Mega Pier you will also find representatives of the various Tour Operators selling their packages. For more information and their specific tours to the Hato Cave, please let the representatives inform you of their available tours.
  • Public transportation: For this option, you’ll have to walk to the public bus station, located at the Brionplein square, about a 15-minute walk from the Mega Pier. Here you can take the bus “Otrobanda-Hato”, which stops right in front of the Hato Cave. From the public bus station, buses leave every full hour. At the Hato Cave they stop approx. a quarter past the hour to head back to the public bus station in Otrobanda. Costs are around U$ 2,= one way.

By Car-Rental:

You can book a rental online or visit a car rental desk in one of the beautiful hotels Curacao has to offer. Most rentals offer a roadmap, and your agent will gladly inform you accordingly how to get to the Hato Cave.