Tour suggestions

We hope you’ll enjoy experiencing the unique beauty and culture of Curacao. On the way to the Curaçao Hato Cave, you might be interested in combining your visit by driving to more national parks to complete your cultural trip.

Please note: these are only suggestions, they are not bookable trips.

3 in 1: Hato Cave, Shete Boka National Park and Christoffel National Park

A full day of Curacao culture and history! Start your day with a visit to the more than 300.000 years old Curacao Hato Cave. Take a guided tour through the cave and afterwards walk the park and Indian Trail to learn even more about Curacao’s history.

After a visit to the Hato Cave, continue your journey to one of Curacao’s other wonders of nature Shete Boka National Park and Christoffel National Park. Shete Boka is an area with more than 10 beautiful Boka’s (inlets) where on windy days large, unpredictable waves crush against the island’s coast. An impressive experience! Christoffel Park offers eight hiking trails to the top of Mount Christoffel, at 372 meters (1,220 ft) the highest point of the island! The park also offers rich culture and history to explore.

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Family Adventure Park Combo: Hato Cave, Ostrich farm and Sea Aquarium

This combination has must-see sights and activities for the whole family!

Start the day early with a visit to the Hato Cave. Explore the chambers of the cave and don’t let the bats scare you! Use your imagination to see if you can spot new formations in the ancient stone walls and after, walk the Indian Trail at your own pace to see the carvings done by the Caiquetio Indians!

Enough walking, time for a Safari tour! The Ostrich Farm, located in a beautiful nature reserve on the road to Groot St. Joris, offers guided rides over their farm. In an 45- minute, fun filled guided tour in a safari truck, you learn all facts and funny details about them, from egg, to baby ostrich to adult. Get up close and personal with the ostriches by feeding them if you dare and even touch an ostrich egg! Upon return, wander around the farm to see potbellied pigs, Nile crocodiles, squirrel monkeys and birds. Children can stretch their legs and let loose in the playground, while mom and dad visit the restaurant and souvenir shop.

The next stop is the Curacao Sea Aquarium. Join a guided tour, or walk around the aquarium on your own. Unique in this aquaria is that everything is real, from the fish and corals to the sand on the bottom of the exhibition tanks. It all originates from the seas surrounding Curaçao. Visit the lagoons of the dolphins, sealions, sharks, rays, turtles and the habitats of the flamingo’s, the touch tank and enjoy live dolphin and sealion shows and feedings. You can even swim with dolphins, snorkel amongst schools of fish or feed marine animals.

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